CJR Suspension offers a variety of suspension services ranging from basic oil/seal changes to full suspension rebuilds, all the way to full modification suspension builds.


Suspension Service/Rebuild

The suspension components on your bike see a tremendous amount of force, causing friction and heat buildup. This causes the oil and wear components to break down over time, resulting in a loss of dampening control and overall comfort and feel of your bikes handling. Serious riders can put enough stress on the components in as little as 15-20 hours to feel a noticeable difference in performance. A more casual rider will feel the effects of oil degradation and loss of performance in the range of 30-40 hours. We recommend never going past 50 hours on your suspension before getting it serviced, going past these interval risks very expensive damage to the internal components of your bike’s suspension.

Front fork service $199.99 (This does not include wear parts)

Rear shock service $199.99 (this does not include wear parts)

We are happy to provide a quote for your specific bike and situation.

During a suspension service we completely disassemble the components, give everything a deep clean and inspect all components and parts. Anything showing wear is replaced and your suspension will be reassembled with high quality Race Tech Ultra Slick suspension fluids. The restored feel and performance can be mind blowing.


Fork Seal Replacement

This is the most common suspension service. The conditions we subject our bikes to can be very harsh and seal leaks are common. We only replace your seals with high quality OEM or SKF components. While we have your fork apart, we cross-hatch the chrome slide tubes. Like the cylinder wall on your bikes motor, this provides a massive friction reduction by providing a protective film of oil on your suspension tubes. Think of dragging a dry squeegee across a dry window, the surface lubrication provided by cross hatching is a significant improvement and will help your seals last longer. Along with the high-quality seal grease and Race Tech Ultra Slick fork fluid, your forks will be resealed and feeling better.



When it comes to your bike’s suspension, control is everything. Control provides the rider comfort and confidence. Comfort and confidence are the best way for a rider to go faster, safely. To achieve this, we install Race Tech Gold Vales, which are designed to break through the limitations of stock piston designs. Research has shown that the stock piston parts restrict oil flow and induce unnecessary harshness. Gold valves are designed to reduce piston restrictions harshness is dramatically reduced. This allows the valving stack to be custom tailored to the individual rider’s specific needs.  Testing has shown that bottoming resistance can actually increase as the harshness is decreased. By decreasing the harshness, traction is also improved! By carefully choosing the correct valving combination and spring rates, a revalve can completely change the performance and comfort of your bike.
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Who needs a revalve?

The simple answer is everyone! Modern bikes have certainly improved but the manufactures are stuck selling bikes in a “one size fits all” mold. A 200lb beginner rider and a 145lb pro need drastically different set ups, but when they walk into the showroom they purchase the same bike. Whether you are a first timer or a competitive racer having your bikes suspension set up properly is the best way to feel comfortable and confident to progress your riding. The best part is as your riding skill/body type changes, we can easily make the changes needed along the way.


Please contact us with any questions! We are here to help assist you along the way. or call us at 403.835.7049